Kung Fu

  • Taiji Tanglang Quan

    Taiji Tanglangquan as taught by Master Zhou Zhendong, 9th generation of Taiji Tanglangquan

  • TaiJi Arts Wien/Pushing Hands Summer 2014

    TaiJi Arts Summer training with Niki Deistler and Yonghui D.- Yi. We covered a range of topics from Taiji form and application instruction to fixed Pushing Hands patterns and some free pushing. Some Praying Mantis and weapons training as addition.

  • Mei Hua Lu – Taiji Tanglangquan

    Niki Deistler is performing Mei Hua Lu as taught by Master Zhou Zhendong 9th generation Taiji Tanglangquan at the competition held in Yantai in 2013.